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Tips for visitors to www.Sky-Fire.TV

How to order:
If you wish to order products, our preferred mode is credit card. We have taken pains to assure a high level of security. Still, we understand there is still reluctance among some to transmit credit card numbers over the Web, so we are happy to provide other options:

  • Print out your order, and snail mail it to Sky-Fire Productions, 46050 Weld County Road 13, Fort Collins, CO 80524 along with credit card info or check. Remember to sign your name to credit card orders.
  • We can take verbal orders (1-970-897-2690), but we may be a little slower doing it this way. Please call Mon-Fri, 10 AM-6 PM Mountain Time. We generally answer the phone with our names, Walt, Liv, not "Sky-Fire".
  • Or e-mail Sky-Fire Productions for special orders.

via U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail takes normally 3 to 5 business days. For larger orders, we ship Priority Mail, and can use FedEx or FedEx Ground, at cost, upon request.

Sorry, no CODs. We accept orders from the 50 United States, Canada, Japan and the EU at this time. Other countries are possible, but we will have to compute postal costs offline and add those to your billing.

NOTE: Our on-line ordering system is automated. Once your order is sent to us electronically, it is transferred from our ISP to our office computer. At this point the following happens:

  • we respond immediately, via e-mail, with an acknowledgment of your order. You may wish to add "info@Sky-Fire.TV" to your accept list to prevent your anti-spam software from rejecting thsi reply.
  • if there is a question with your order, we follow up with another e-mail. We may ask you a question or two to clarify your order.
  • we will normally ship within two business days for orders received by noon local time.