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Program Production Services - we can package all your ideas into the final product. We have provided full production service to clientele as varied as the National Science Foundation, the City of Fort Collins, the American Meteorological Society, the Research Channel, the Electric Power Research Institute and NASA.

Script development, graphics, on-location shooting, interviews, voice-overs, music and SFX, video editing, mastering, duplication

Post-Production Services - serving storm chasers, weather videographers, researchers, government agencies and academics requiring informal science education or public outreach vehicles.

You have the footage? Turn your raw chase footage or project video into a professional package!
We can put it all together for you. NLE editors, royalty free music and SFX, titling and graphics, narration, captioning…whatever you need to get you final product.
Deliverable formats include: HDV, VHS, S-VHS, miniDV, DVCAM, DVD-R, Blu Ray (soon!). Also FTP file transfers for large HD files.

Stock Images/Video Footage - for educators, documentarians, text book authors, web sites…We have hundreds of unique 35mm and electronic images on weather, and one of the world’s larger collections of time lapse weather video footage (HD (1080pa nd 720p), DV and S-VHS, 2k and 4k in the works).Our
clips have been seen on ABS Nightline, the National Geograhic Channe, the BBC to drop a few names.

Video-DVD Conversions - Tape is dead (or dying, or perhaps just not feeling too well) and DVD is King! Is your classic weather video footage not long for this world? Convert to archive quality DVD now. Also NTSC video format conversions from/to PAL, SECAM; 35 mm slide conversions, too.

Time Lapse Video and Web Cam Systems - Over ten years experience in time lapse imaging, now in full DVCPRO HD 1080i quality. We can provide web cam systems and tackle other challenging tasks including high speed and low light camera systems.